,Pooya Control Co 
 Is an Iranian private company established in 2006. In past 10 years we are active in two main fields , Industrial weighing & Industrial Automation , Instrumentation .              manufacturing of weigh bridges, truck scales, weighing indicators and industrial special scales in Iran. We produce 4500 digital weight indicators in various models and 120 truck scales per year.

Our goal has always been to utilize our depth of technical knowledge and expertise to manufacture and supply high quality products.

 ……., Our export markets are Iraq, Russia ,Azerbaijan , Kirghistan.

In home market we are an assured name with a good reputation.with a high level of technical after-sale services provided by highly qualified sales engineering , we enabled to be regarded as the market leader in Iranian company with over 40% market share.

 The core of Pooyacontrol’s activities include
  •  Weighbridges , Industrial  platform scale
  • Crane  scales
  • Axel scale
  •      Bag Filling & Packing machines
  • Belt scale
  • Weigh feeder
  • Silo scales
  • Telemetry
  • Big bag packing machine
  • Check weigher & Sorting
  • Drum filling machine
  • Batching Controller hardware & Software
  • Weight Indicators
  • Radio modem
  • : To Contact
  •  please send your enquiries to Info@pooyacontrol.net  or you may send your enquiries via the form    provided or feel free to contact us at the contact details given below.
Offices: No 1 , Nill St , zafar St , Tehran  , Iran
Weigh Bridge Indicator

Concrete Batching System

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